The Press

The Press //

Below please find some of the various press clippings throughout Patrick’s career as a solo artist.
From live reviews, to album reviews, to appearances on radio and television.

``A masterpiece``

Once in a while, a musician decides to look at his art from a new perspective and creates a masterpiece in the process. Patrick DeCoste is one of those musicians, bringing a new outlook on music and instrumental rock guitar…

Online Review

``Music at its best``

This is instrumental guitar music at its best with technically brilliant performances and mature songwriting. Very diverse instrumental guitar-music rooted firmly in classic rock but melting a big bunch of influences from jazz to blues. Even though the album is an independent release, the packaging is perfect, tasty and professional and the music is even better. Recommended to fans of instrumental guitar music and not only to them, as it is easy-to-digest, catchy stuff.

Rock United

Online Review

``A high-flying guitar odyssey``

For several years, Patrick DeCoste has cultivated a fanatical fanbase in the Boston area. It’s easy to see why. With praise high and a local buzz building, DeCoste released a high-flying guitar odyssey propelling him towards comparisons with legends Joe Satriani and Steve Vai…

Insite Magazine

Printed Publication

``A favorite with listeners``

Unsurpassed musicality. The thing that makes [the music] great is Patrick’s impeccable sense of composition. You never get bored listening, and you never feel like you’ve heard it before… He has chops enough to impress the noodle-fans, but beyond that he has taste and restraint. (He) has received much airplay on my show, and is a favorite with the listeners…

FretNet Radio

Australian Radio

``Instrumental guitar wizardry``

A cool little CD filled with all kinds of instrumental guitar wizardry. Compared to Eric Johnson, Vai and Satriani and praised by top players like Gary Hoey, DeCoste’s wide ranging approach to melody and rhythm offers something for all fans…

Music Web Express

Online Review

``Left our crowds in awe``

His visceral live performances consistently left our crowds in awe. He was easily one of the most talked about artists we ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Patrick always had a huge impact on anyone who ever saw one of his live performances – he simply blew everyone away every night.

Viper Bar

Music Venue

``Intensely Talented``

Patrick DeCoste, a Boston based guitarist, performed one week before appearing at Shea Stadium before thousands! The popularity of his episode has kept it in active rotation for the past year. A unique, versatile and intensely talented guitarist…

The Bridge TV

Television Show

``A guitar genius at work``

Patrick’s command of the guitar plus his creativity lead to very refreshing material. He’s an enthusiastic on-air guest who talks about what drives him musically and gives the listeners a glimpse of a guitar genius at work.

Shawdowline Radio

Radio Show

The Press

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