There are many incredible guitarist in all fields of music that can solo and just make your jaw drop. There are fewer that can write strong hooks and melodies to structure a great song as well.  Take another step by removing vocals and rely on instruments alone and you better be able to back up your playing.  That is exactly what Patrick DeCoste does on his second full length outing.

There are twelve instrumental tracks on the new cd released in the winter of 2012 that vary in tonality and sound. This is why I like this cd. Patrick is a guitarist that doesn’t pigeon hole himself in one specific style.  At times he is very reminisent of rock guitarist Joe Satriani with tracks like “Generation: Try!“, “De Monarchia“, and “Not In Vain“.  Other times, he is more laid back on tracks like “Saudade” & Slan Abhaile“.

I do favor the work that reminds me of Satriani with that flair that is truly not pulled off by many, yet done by DeCoste. His playing has allowed him to play the National Anthem at Shea Stadium, open for musicians like Gary Hoey, and perform in the orchestra for the musical Hairspray.

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