Joy To The World

December 23, 2019
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Joy To The World

This is my first attempt at a holiday song. The arrangement comes from a great place and at great time in my life. Since the release of Show Me The Way To Go Home (2012), I’ve had some ups and downs while trying to find my place back into this world. New music and live shows have been few and far between. With Joy To The World (2019), I hope you find those same emotions I’ve put into this song: joy, hope, some reflection and a sense of moving forward.

The Arrangement:
Mindset: I went into this song wanting it to be happy, strong and in your face. While it’s a song of joy, I felt this joy could be presented as marching forward – and unapologetic.

Main Themes/ Breakdown: Like many XMas songs, Joy To The World doesn’t have that standard, radio-friendly verse/ chorus length. In musician speak: it’s in 2/4 time and 19 bars. To get the verses/ choruses at a typical meter/ length (4/4 time and 24 bars), I’ve added the heavy rhythm parts at the end of the melody to complete the phrases.

Repetition: in being an instrumental version of this song, I knew being repetitive may lose your interest which is why each time the melody is played, it’s played a little differently. It also becomes more active with each pass and tends to stray from the main melody. The background rhythm guitars also change from one rhythmic guitar in the 1st verse (in stereo out the left/ right output) to two more melodic rhythms in the second verse (one panned hard left output and one hard right). The breakdown section with the un-distorted, acoustic-sounding guitar was created to break up the monotonous heavy sections.

Transitions: Going right from the intro into the verses and breakdown were easy transitions but I struggled with how to get from the soft breakdown section to the final lead melody. After many takes of guitar solos, various medleys of other XMas songs, and a drum solo, I decided it was best to just have some heavy rhythm guitars with no lead playing to create space.

Final Word:
I’ve been wanting to create an Xmas release for years. While it’s not a full-length release with multiple songs, I’m happy to put out this version of Joy To The World. I hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays.

You can buy the song here:

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