November 21, 2013 Patrick DeCoste

Kickstarter Music

Patrick’s music is now featured in a current Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding a credit card-sized rechargeable LED flashlight. “White Slice” is a high output credit card-sized rechargeable LED flashlight, with a brightness of 45 lumens and thickness of 0.1″.

Check out how well Slán Abhaile and The New Millennium sound behind this video!

As seen on the Kickstarter page:

This project will bring to market a credit card-sized rechargeable LED flashlight. The product has the same outline as a typical credit card, and the prototype is approximately 0.10” thick. The target maximum thickness for the production model is 0.105”. To put this in perspective, a credit card-sized gift card is approximately 0.03” thick, and credit cards are approximately 0.05” thick, so the flashlight is sized approximately 2 credit cards, or 3 gift cards thick. The flashlight uses a high power density lithium polymer battery, integrated circuit electronics, and 10 high output LEDs. Based on LED specifications, the flashlight emits 15, 30, or 45 lumens of light at a wide angle for superior flood light coverage.

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