RHCP: The Superbowl Dilemma

From Vernon Reid to Axl Rose, people seem to have a huge problem with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’s Superbowl performance. Enough so, Flea felt it necessary to issue a statement.

What are my thoughts? Who cares. If a band decides to take a lip-synching gig, so be it. I don’t have to like, I don’t have to agree – but I accept it. I’m a RHCP fan and, given the circumstances, they did everything right. The track was pre-recorded to fit the occasion, they fake it by plugging in and they did what they felt like doing in that moment.

I’ve played several high pressure gigs, all live. Trust me, having a Plan B is big deal when that much money/ exposure/ pressure is on the line. The RHCP have decades of experience, no need to hide behind production to boost their abilities and no doubt could have pulled it off – but it wasn’t up to them. They were asked to be a guest on the show by the NFL and that they were.

If given two options, which would you choose: perform for millions or just stay home?

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