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Once in a while, a musician decides to look at his art from a new perspective and creates a masterpiece in the process. Patrick DeCoste is one of those musicians, bringing a new outlook on music and rock guitar…

Carter Johnson, Insane Guitar


Released in late 2012, Show Me The Way To Go Home is vintage DeCoste.  Filled with rock anthems and acoustic stompers, its diversity proves there is something for everyone. Listen | Buy


Inside The Unsaid is the album which put DeCoste on the map.  After dominating the Instrumental Rock tracks on in 2004, this album is now ‘must have’ for any rock enthusiast. Listen | Buy


Debuting at the Hard Rock Cafe in 2009, this self-released 5 song EP displayed DeCoste’s songwriting maturity as well as showcasing his chops as an elite guitarist. Listen | Buy


Opener “Love In Misery” is how DeCoste introduced himself to the world in 2003.  This one man recording done on a bedroom 4 track immediately gained attention worldwide. Listen | Download