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Private Lessons //

Don’t just be a guitarist – learn about all things music. Personalized lessons are available to help you not only play
guitar but also become the ultimate musician. Both Boston-area in person lessons and online instruction are offered.
Private lessons are based on Patrick’s schedule, pending availability.

Theory & Harmony

Learning scales, playing chords, strumming rhythms, ear training, etc. are all great skills to have.

Business & Performance

Getting gigs, playing open mics, “pay to play” concepts, marketing, and many other aspects can be discussed.

Learn Your Favorite Songs

Learning from your favorite artists are a great way to develop your own voice and put your skills to use.

Songwriting & Recording

Tell your own story through music and learn some recording tips/ tricks to add to your portfolio.

What can I expect from the lessons?

Patrick has been teaching privately for over 20 years.  He’s taught all ages, various styles, and across the country, as well as conducted various clinics and workshops. He was also an “Artist in Residence” instructor at Bentley University.

What options are available for lessons?

Patrick teaches one-on-one lessons in the Boston area as well as online.  For online lessons, you can be anywhere in the world and simply need a guitar and high-speed internet connection. Lessons are in English and taught via Skype or FaceTime.

What is the lesson structure?

  • Lessons are catered to the individual. All styles/ levels welcome.  Patrick offers either 15 minute lessons (includes a separate, customized video sent afterwards of the lesson material) or 25 minute lessons.  Both are $45 per lesson.
  • Individuals sometimes book “one-off” or “technique only” lessons where they study short-term to help learn a certain technique or expand their craft. These lessons are $50 each.

What is lessons times are available?

Slots become available based on gigging/ recording schedule, student schedules, etc.  Once a time is confirmed, that will be your scheduled time.  Please email us for availability. All lessons are taught in Eastern Standard Time.

    Playing Level (optional): BeginnerIntermediateAdvanced

    Token Features

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