New Release: Joy To The World

Joy To The World

This is my first attempt at a Christmas song. The arrangement comes from a great place and at great time in my life. Since the release of Show Me The Way To Go Home (2012), I’ve had some ups and downs while trying to find my place back into this world. New music and live shows have been few and far between. With Joy To The World (2019), I hope you find those same emotions I’ve put into this song: joy, hope, some reflection and a sense of moving forward.

The Arrangement:
Mindset: I went into this song wanting it to be happy, strong and in your face. While it’s a song of joy, I felt this joy could be presented as marching forward – and unapologetic.

Main Themes/ Breakdown: Like many XMas songs, Joy To The World doesn’t have that standard, radio-friendly verse/ chorus length. In musician speak: it’s in 2/4 time and 19 bars. To get the verses/ choruses at a typical meter/ length (4/4 time and 24 bars), I’ve added the heavy rhythm parts at the end of the melody to complete the phrases.

Repetition: in being an instrumental version of this song, I knew being repetitive may lose your interest which is why each time the melody is played, it’s played a little differently. It also becomes more active with each pass and tends to stray from the main melody. The background rhythm guitars also change from one rhythmic guitar in the 1st verse (in stereo out the left/ right output) to two more melodic rhythms in the second verse (one panned hard left output and one hard right). The breakdown section with the un-distorted, acoustic-sounding guitar was created to break up the monotonous heavy sections.

Transitions: Going right from the intro into the verses and breakdown were easy transitions but I struggled with how to get from the soft breakdown section to the final lead melody. After many takes of guitar solos, various medleys of other XMas songs, and a drum solo, I decided it was best to just have some heavy rhythm guitars with no lead playing to create space.

Final Word:
I’ve been wanting to create an Xmas release for years. While it’s not a full-length release with multiple songs, I’m happy to put out this version of Joy To The World. I hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays.

You can buy the song here:

Now In Rotation: WTOS 105.1FM

On 02/09/14, Maine commercial radio host, Kennedy, spun Patrick’s De Monarchia, on his Homegrown show which airs live every Sunday night.

Many thanks to him and all stations who promote independent, local music. Without their support, new music would never be discovered.

Patrick’s Now on

Patrick is now featured on

“If iTunes had been designed in the era of Kickstarter, it would sound and look like this. Loudr is a beautiful digital content distribution platform with a scalable suite of tools. Loudr is built on the principle that the force of collective goodwill can amplify the value of digital content.”

You can view his profile HERE.

Video: James Taylor & His Tunings

I can’t tell if this video by James Taylor is one of the best lessons I’ve ever watched or worst.

There’s incredible insight on how/ why he tunes the way he does yet, in this 6 minute tutorial, he spends most of his time trying to get the proper tunings.

It’s definitely something I’m going to try, maybe even change my tuning system entirely. Interesting stuff, indeed.

(BTW, I was so relieved his tuner wasn’t as big as I initially thought…)

String tunings (in cents):
Low E -12
A -10
D -8
G -4
B -6
High E -3

NEMA: Guest Speaker 02/22

On 02/22, the New England Music Awards invited Patrick to be a guest presenter for their music industry “Speed Dating” session from 4:30pm – 5:30pm.

This session is a high-energy and highly interactive way to wrap up the conference. Industry professionals will be positioned at stations around the room. Attendees will have a 10 minute, timed, one-on-one meeting with a professional. At the end of the 10 minutes, attendees will move to another station for another one-on-one session. The process repeats until the end of the hour.

NOTE: Due to time constraints, attendees of the conference who wish to be part of the “speed dating” round will be required to pre-register. Please email Mike Cusanelli, if you would like to reserve a spot.

Other Music Industry Professionals in attendance include:

Daniela Jacobson – New England Foundation For The Arts

Patrick DeCoste – Speaker and Consultant

Jennifer Snyder, ESQ – Orca Management

Noel Ramos –

Mark Kurber – Financial Advisor

Marc Lemay –

Brett Wilson – Powderfinger Promotons

Toby Mountain – Northeastern Digital Mastering

RHCP: The Superbowl Dilemma

From Vernon Reid to Axl Rose, people seem to have a huge problem with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’s Superbowl performance. Enough so, Flea felt it necessary to issue a statement.

What are my thoughts? Who cares. If a band decides to take a lip-synching gig, so be it. I don’t have to like, I don’t have to agree – but I accept it. I’m a RHCP fan and, given the circumstances, they did everything right. The track was pre-recorded to fit the occasion, they fake it by plugging in and they did what they felt like doing in that moment.

I’ve played several high pressure gigs, all live. Trust me, having a Plan B is big deal when that much money/ exposure/ pressure is on the line. The RHCP have decades of experience, no need to hide behind production to boost their abilities and no doubt could have pulled it off – but it wasn’t up to them. They were asked to be a guest on the show by the NFL and that they were.

If given two options, which would you choose: perform for millions or just stay home?

Harp Harmonics Video

Patrick uploaded a new video to YouTube, entitled: Harp Harmonics: A’s Lullaby. Using various techniques such as hybrid picking and harp harmonics, he was able to emulate the sound of a music box. Doing so is an obvious nod to the sound of his newborn’s toys.

“A’s Lullaby”, a song celebrating the birth of his son Augustus, is due out in February 2014.

Endorsement Feature: Clayton Guitar Picks

Patrick is now featured on Clayton Guitar Picks’s website. He has been using these picks for the past 5 years and is honored to be part of their family which includes such artists as Bret Michaels, Steve Stevens and Eric Church, among others.

After 20 years of playing, I finally found the right pick for me: Clayton’s custom acetal small teardrop picks. These picks are a triple threat: built to endure rock gigs, subtle enough for acoustic gigs and a great promo tool for music fans. I prefer the lighter gauges which sound awesome right out of the bag eventually molding itself based on your grip. I can’t recommend them enough.

You can read his bio, see his links and learn more via their website HERE.

Hard Rock Rising Competition

Hard Rock Café Boston has Patrick battling it out LIVE for a chance to win Hard Rock Rising. But first – fans must vote! The top 10 bands with the most votes PLUS Wild Card picks will earn the chance to perform live at Hard Rock Café Boston.

The Grand Prize: the chance to perform in front of 40,000 fans at this summer’s Hard Rock Live music festival in Rome, Italy!

To vote for Patrick, simply CLICK HERE!

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